Friday, July 26, 2019

Source of Logic

Does proof need proof that the proof is real? How do we truly know, for certain, if anything is truly right or wrong?

Source of logic is the question since it depends where we think logic comes.  If logic is purely a mental construct I can easily change my mind.  There are no inherent impediments or consequences from changing my mind from what is possible or not.  Possibility is a whim.  But to embed logic in the body (in the totality of mind-body interaction) the fact of the logic of either/or is absolute.  The logic of right side or left side (right hand or left hand), stand or not stand, fall or not fall, eat or not eat, breath or not breath, and so on.  An embodied logic cannot (ever) be denied, since to pretend to avoid the logic of this or that leads to life or death.  We learn this as infants when falling and crashing into the lamp table.  I fall, I bleed, I hurt.  The opposite is also true.  I avoid falling, I avoid bleeding, I avoid hurting.  We learn logic by being told to stay out of the street or be crushed by the wheels of a passing car.  Failing to do so is proven when the car crushes us.  If we are fortunate we will avoid this crushing when we have enough evidence to prove that to be the case when it crushes something else.

In such light it makes sense to replace “I think therefore I am” (logically true but inconsequential) with something like “I burn therefore I am.”  This cannot be denied or I set you on fire and that will prove (to be true or not) when we all will be burned by fire.  This actually proves a lot of thing, that there are absolutes, that I can know the world beyond my mind, and that morality is absolute (an undeniable proof that occurs to us when we start pleading for a common morality [because we, “burner” and “burnee,” are equally human]) so as to get the other person to stop when they pressing the flame to our flesh.  One may be able to convince oneself of this burning if it only happens once but somewhere between now and 4447 times we will be convinced.  And even if for some reason that person (who died from the burning) was not convinced were I to start the question of “to burn or not to burn” with everyone who watched the first question I am pretty certain that no one would ever disagree.  I would not disbelieve.  Of course, the question is not asked dispassionately as if it is happening to someone in general but happening to each and every one of us individually.  The same tests of logic could use drowning, breathing, eating, bleeding, chopping, stabbing, falling, crashing, etc, etc, etc.

Logic is learned from the basic motion of infants (our survival is proof) and remains the truth (for us) until we die.  Philosophy (which begins its function with adults who know how to walk and speak) thus fails to explain what it purports when it fails to remember the lessons of logic that are sown into our flesh.

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