Monday, July 22, 2019

Facebook: Bias and Punishment????

I became confused  when I was blocked writing about my personal portfolio at Facebook of my religion.  I just now received a note that one of my posts goes against their rules on spam.  That was written almost 30 days ago,  This is actually the note that I wrote later after being block twice, once for posting too information that would bog down the network for other users the second block was for spam.  Remember, I was only writing my personal profile.   
This post goes against our Community Standards on spam
About your post
Jun 29
Only you can see this post.
If you request a review, we'll have someone take another look at the post.
Burgeoning inanity I must admit confusion at Facebook policy. I was only trying to build to my personal information page, the question having to do with my religion, and I got blocked twice in a row for what "typing to fast?" That was the only thing that was happening at the time. Either that or it was my topic that was to blame. Is there a chipmunk sitting around reading everything with a finger on the trigger? Is there some kind of hostility toward Fundamental Independent Baptists? I simply said that Baptists (certainly of a particular kind) have no historical or theological connection to the Catholic Church or to Protestantism. I learned this (theologically, historically) from my father who was a Baptist minister and later a professor in a Bible college. This is common knowledge to me but I did not think it to be that controversial to the point of blowing up the machine. The last time that I remember being clearly targeted for being a Baptist was when I was in the second grade, though I was just the vehicle since the real target was my father. We will see how things go.

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