Thursday, July 18, 2019

Can We Trust Congress to Investigate Anything without Distortion?

Submitted, Letter to the Editor, Daily Mountain Eagle, Jasper, AL 

I am afraid that the moral outrage expressed in the 07-07-2019 editorial "Bigotry, misogyny in the U.S. Border Patrol merit Congressional probe" is drowned out by a repeated pattern of crying wolf by those who are crying the loudest once again.  The knee-jerk reaction to immediately assign guilt & impose punishment comes from individuals who themselves call anyone who does not agree with the party line a bigot, a racist or a Nazi.   Those who call the loudest for an investigation now are the ones who think they can disparage others with complete impunity.  More disappointing is that many (including the media) let them get away with it. 

This in no way suggests that if these charges are true that a swift action ought not to take place.  We should investigate now but we need to believe it is a legitimate attempt to discover the truth of guilt or innocence.  The guilty should be punished but the innocent ought to be defended.  Congress has lost that right by crying wolf a thousand times too many. 

The ability of Congress to make any distinction is long gone. The past hypocrisy of those in Congress and the media who are most outraged over this new issue leads me to be distrustful of anything they say.  These are the same people who gave us the Trump-Russia probe fiasco, Kavanaugh, Catholic Boys School, etc, etc.  Congress’ credibility with Americans is long gone.  At this point someone, anyone, may do a better job, they certainly will not do any worse.  Congress should go on vacation again so we can let the Justice Department do its job.  Maybe doing this task right the US government will begin to redeem itself in the eyes of many Americans.     

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