Tuesday, July 30, 2019

About the defense of religion


If you have a religion, how did you have it, is it the reason you are defending it?


Millard Hardy

Answered 29m ago

I'm Christian,I don't care who or what n e one believes or worships,religion I don't like talking bout,I don't defend it or push it,I just don't dam care


I do not know what kind of Christianity that you claim to be but since the New Testament tells us that we are to have a ready defense for our faith your claim of not caring about anyone else’s belief does not sound like you understand much of what being a Christian means. I may be confused: I wonder if it is a defense to wonder why not being able to give a defense is more defensible than not being able to give a defense. By the way, depending on a certain conceptuality of religion one can see why Jesus did not believe in religion: or believe that what he was doing fit that definition of religion.

I realize it may be agitating to others but I can defend most things I believe in (except truly personal choices: such as that I hate green peas). On other things, for example, I can defend why I vote Republican. Among the reasons for this belief includes a desire to live in the best society possible. I would debate that this is made more likely by being a fiscal conservative, and a belief that the best form of governmental system includes things such as free enterprise, capitalism. small government, limited taxation, etc. I can also defend staying out of traffic, not swallowing ping pong balls, not lighting myself on fire, etc. The more important a thing is the more we ought to be able to give a generalized defense of our choices as members of that particular society. Basic sense of empathy and respect of your person informs me of a sense of responsibility to you as a individual to allow you, for example, to not care. If that reasoning were not true I would not care that you do not care and because of that I would feel free to complain about your not caring to the amount that my level of interest would incline me to bother.

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