Friday, August 9, 2019

Murphy's Law is one reason not to give up any weapon or capacity.

Response to question asked on Quora.

David A. Cook
David A. Cook, Ph.D Humanities & Philosophy, The University of Texas at Arlington (2003)
Murphy’s Law is the reason to have the best weapon possible and have as much ammo at hand that is reasonably possible at any given moment. Murphy’s Law is pervasive all around us in every moment of every day. Driving in traffic. Sitting (eating, sleeping) in one’s home. Walking on the sidewalk. Shopping in a Wal-mart. Eating at a restaurant. Anything that will go wrong will go wrong at the worst possible time. The best answers on this topic of guns and ammo include a response to Murphy’s Law. But Murphy’s Law applies to every part of life , even to that which is totally unknowable simply because the possibilities are too many and too unpredictable. Prepare as best as one can but always assume that one will begin any given moment of defense (combat) from an inferior position and learn to adapt accordingly out of situations of surprise, inconvenience, or injury. This is true whether one has to defend their life or the life of a loved one with a gun, a knife, a baseball bat, a can of potato soup, or a ball point pen. I will not accept being a victim. I will not be surprised by the fact of the surprise that the car crashes, the house burns down, or the dam breaks. It is our imperfection that teaches us that we ought to be best prepared (as we can) at the worst possible moment. Fantasies of invulnerability is a recipe for disaster just when we ought to be planning how to prevent (limit to the best we can) disasters from happening. This the reason we cannot be simply satisfied with the idealism that when confronted by a criminal we can take care of the problem like we are all Marshall Dillon, Rambo, or James Bond. Preparing for the worse lessens the likelihood the worse will happen. There are no guarantees.
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Murphy's Law is one reason not to give up any weapon or capacity.